The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys ★★★★★

Ryan Gosling…yeah.

The Nice Guys is undoubtedly one of the greatest achievements in comedy that I’ve witnessed, and I’m glad I re-watched for clarity on my official rating. It ticks all the right boxes in terms of entertainment value, twists, and chemistry between its two stars, but I also find it to be a little more profound than your average buddy cop movie. This is a film that brings you a disillusioned, depressed, and ultimately lost man unable to take care of his 13 year-old daughter. Washed-up and drowning his sorrows with drinking and cash-grabbing private detective work, he’s the definition of pathetic. It’s only through a conspiracy and the enacting of the morally sound that leads him to, well, getting his life somewhat back on track. I would call it the antithesis of Under the Silver Lake, which, similarly, features a protagonist stuck in a phase of millennial malaise, but the mystery he solves has zero affect on his life in the end. Here, it developed the relationship between him and his daughter and brought him genuine connection with a new friend, both crucial aspects that he was missing before.

Say what you want, but this throws audiences on a ride of fun while providing thematic satisfaction for those willing to look under the surface.


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