Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

The Series:

The show passed me by in 2000 and until earlier this year, it continued to elude me. I knew it was about a mother/daughter relationship and their other relationships, but that was about it. When recommended the series, I hesitated and then became curious why I was doing so. Girl stuff is tricky for me. It goes back to the teenage years, where girls could be catty and competitive. As a girl who was sensitive and quiet, it all seemed rather foreign to me and I didn't have the chops to play their games, nor did I even want to learn how to be proficient in them. A trip to the mall? I'm sorry, why? I didn't have money and the mall without money is just depressing, and besides, I'd rather be where the guys were anyway. They didn't have some agenda with coded language and unwritten rules of engagement. They just wanted to explore the hills and streams and throw a ball around. Wow, so much more restful...

That's it! In my mind, I believed Gilmore Girls was going to be the antithesis of restful. Girls doing girl things in girl ways. It's creates a bit of anxiety in me, even thinking about it. As for the mother/daughter relationship, I also felt a little uneasy in that space too. My mother was never a "buddy" with me. We didn't talk together on the phone, or do girl activities. She worked and I helped around the house and we communicated with cordiality and respect and never had a deep conversation in our whole lives. That wasn't her style. Her style was to be efficient and capable...

Yeah, Gilmore Girls, in all its funny banter and feel good atmosphere has been a type of therapeutic confrontation for me, uncomfortably bringing up my own stuff. While the Gilmores argue across the dining room table, I listen and cringe and delve down deep. This show mixes it's laughter with the pain, making an amazingly effective cocktail and it's the reason I've enjoyed spending time with the story so much. It lays out all my preconceived notions and misgivings and shows them for what they are -- myopic judgements and fear that hold me back. So what if Lorelai is completely entitled and loves the mall. She's really a warm and endearing person and I learned to see how I've missed the boat, not being better at seeking out girl friends. And, it's okay that my mom and I have a certain relationship, because I've evolved to a different one with my own girls and watching this show with them, I know they will make progress beyond what they have known too. There is too much explored and too much discussed in this marathon of 7 seasons, on and off screen, to ever go back to the quietude and missed opportunities of any type of non-communication.

Gilmore Girls A Year in the Life:

Seeing this right on the tail of the original show, I only get a partial taste of the reunion feel of it, but I still can imagine how much anticipation went into this, both for the cast and for the audience. So much nostalgia packed into four episodes. It gets a little much, but I can't blame them for wanting to reach every small corner of fond memories. Overall my take on Gilmore Girls is: quirky is king, love is best spoken and sometimes in loud and fervent tones, friends and neighbors are glue, mistakes are the building blocks of life, and gazebos are charming. Oh, and girl stuff can actually be quite restful.

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