Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★½

In the end it's all about films, this is probably his most expressionistic film. The 60s Hollywood, the time that influenced him the most. BUT, BUT, don't go into this film, hoping to get a Django Unchained or a Kill Bill kind of an experience. This is the mellow version of Tarantino, a form that we last saw in Jackie Brown, where it'll just be people sitting around and talking, which may or may not have any importance to the film.

This is classic Tarantino fucking people's ideas about his film, subverting expectations. This is essentially a comedy, moving around characters, meandering around them. It has no plot, as such and that is probably the most beautiful thing about this film, very different from his previous films. This is just as an audience hanging around his characters looking at them.

The film is immersive, and highly indulgent and that is probably why it is more about the experience, more about living the 60s, than having a single thread plot. A lot of films, especially Marvel films, they've made it very common to spoon feed audiences with a kind of narrative which is solid, which requires payoff in the end. this has really made audiences ideas about a film, very particular, very narrow which in my opinion is damaging the intellect of a viewer. It is an out and out experience, the music is used as a stylistic choice, like it plays on radio for most of the time, like diegetic sound. The ads and the TV shows make up as a solid world building device.

Di Caprio, what a performer, the best laughs come from his scenes, because he's a fading superstar and the thing is, the comedy really works here because he plays it seriously that his character is not self aware at all, which takes the pitch of comedy to another level that you'll find yourself chuckling in the seat. Brad Pitt is absolutely amazing and probably my favourite part from the film, he's goddamn amazing.

I feel there'll be a lot of people who'll find this film boring, find some elements completely pointless, but it all works because it serves Tarantino's purpose of just not doing what everyone would do. And I absolutely loved the ending and probably one of my favourite Tarantino moments of all time.

This by no means is his best film, but it sure is his best film since Inglourious Basterds. I think this film will surely grow on me.

In a world of dying cinema, these kind of films are rare, and that too from an auteur, please watch it at a cinema.

Stay back during credits.

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