Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★

there was a moment towards the beginning of ruben's time in the deaf community where he sat down to partake in a meal with the rest of the people there for the first time ever and fuck. i know this film zeroed in on the sound dynamic, but they really dial into it through the simplicity of this particular scene.

the layers are truly there. not only does ruben sit in silence literally, he also cannot hear any of the conversations going on around him. because he has yet to understand sign language, all of it is noiseless.

take a step back, though, with the camera, and you start to hear it through the motions once you see the whole table. these people are loud with the way they handle their space. finally, couple that with the actual sounds, and it is such a comfortable commotion. they pass food, they clink cutlery, they clash plates.

and ruben cannot hear any of this. not yet. it hits so hard. whew.

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