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  • Mayor



    only bad part of this movie is you have to pay $12 to rent it from film forum
    But even that I mean, I like film forum I’m sure they use the money to get more popcorn for the theater etc

    (Edit: so you should watch this I think!)

  • The Sweatbox

    The Sweatbox


    would be a satisfying ending if after watching this suffocating bureaucratic artistic process we discover the movie Disney ultimately made was bad, but I think the emperors new groove is actually really good, right? i love kronk

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  • Crumb


    as a documentary good, interesting. as a guy's life... aw man, jesus christ, fuck ...

  • Dogtooth



    I like this movie because I just think this is really what it would actually be like if your dad was weird like this and you had this life!