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  • Blind Love

    Blind Love


    This was not a funny film, just categorically not a comedy in my eyes. I mean for starters it is rapey as hell and got soooo many unnecessary sex scenes in it. For some reason though, I didn't completely hate it. However, the taking advantage of a blind woman for sex really is abhorrent and I don't like the idea that that could be framed in any remotely cute way. Just no, it was rapey as hell.

  • Burning


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I didn't think this was a bad film but I didn't think it was a particularly good film either. I do quite like the soundtrack though. I loved the way that light was captured in the film but apart from that it was uninteresting.

    I thought the characters were sort of empty. The female character Haemi was vacuous and written badly. Really the film is about masculinity and the female characters could be any female and seem irrelevant. There was…