Jason Bourne

Jason Bourne ★★★

Rating aside I have to actually give this movie credit unlike a lot of big summer blockbusters coming out recently it at least has a straight forward and coherent plot, that doesn't reach beyond its boundaries and on the technical side its' pretty well put together.
That being said I was really disappointed with the movie. The plot which essentially boils down to Treadstone are back but this time they are bigger and badder, is there nothing else they could of thought of? After seeing three very well done movies with this story I wanted to see something different. I am a big Bourne fan but again I feel like the movies are really similar in a lot of ways and my biggest worry for this movie was that is it wouldn't do anything that different which unfortunately was the case.
Although I did enjoy it, it felt like a safe movie that had to rely the Bourne movies of the past rather than rejuvenate the franchise into something fresh and exciting.

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