The Shallows

The Shallows ★★★½

As someone who is afraid of deep sea waters and has had some bad experiences with such there were certain parts of this movie that really got to me but others when it felt completely flat and was almost laughable. The film does a great job of building the tension not though cheap jump scares but with showing the physical damage a real situation like this can cause and the repercussions of that, with some of the real danger the ocean . The film does not ease you in when shit goes down with the use of the shark making it a lot harder to tell when it will strike which ultimately had me on the edge of my seat for most of it.
One of the smaller things used in the film that really annoyed me and was completely unnecessary was the use of slow-mo it has its place in popcorn action movies but is totally unnecessary here and took away any tension I was feeling. The whole backstory to do with the main character also felt forced and was just spelling everything out to the audience which made it a lot harder for me buy and easily could of left more to the imagination.
As a particular fan of films that take place in one setting this film definitely scratched that itch for me and furthermore making me never want to enter the sea ever again.

PS - is that really how Americans pronounce the word buoy?

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