Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad ★★★

Hating this movie is basically a hobby for some people. Beyond schadenfreude. I find that kind of desperate and sad, because independent of whether its merits are many or minimal, it is going to make (probably already has made) hundreds of millions of dollars. Like railing against a behemoth attacking a city, if military-grade weaponry has no effect, neither will your strongly-worded think piece.

Yes, this is a dumb movie with a soundtrack of expensive tunes selected more for their sales potential than their aesthetic necessity. Mostly an awful annoyance.

This is also a movie where a character - El Diablo - transforms into a fire demon and before engaging in battle with another supernatural entity says - via subtitles - "It's on, bitch." (My kingdom for a GIF of this delicious moment.)

While seemingly advertised as this movie's main character, The Joker is a mere afterthought. His scenes are mostly shoehorned in unconvincingly and without clear purpose. His presence was - quite simply - not necessary. Sorry, Jared...

All that said, this movie boasts a certain bombastic charisma that results from a few strong actors committed to a ridiculous fiction (primarily Will Smith and Margot Robbie) combined with fetching costume design and legitimately spectacular production design. I also appreciated the parade of character introductions that begins this movie (as someone not really familiar with most of the characters), but I recognize that to others this might seem a bother. I'd like to see a version of this movie with all of its dialogue removed, so the viewer might instead consider its marvelous design elements without the distraction of its, uh, loudest quality. People might see it differently and appreciate the handful of virtues that exist in an otherwise generally imperfect and problematic picture.

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