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  • Limite
  • The Night of the Hunter
  • The Buccaneer
  • Jazz on a Summer's Day
  • The World's Greatest Sinner

Solo Blasters: Directors Who Made One Film in Their Career

273 films

"One-hit wonder" implies a lone off-the-charts critically and commercially lauded blockbuster; in other words, a single success. The term does…

  • Jubilee
  • Out of the Blue
  • Breaking Glass
  • Times Square
  • La Brune et moi

Paint Your Face, Change Your Name, Leave Your Home Behind: Riot Grrrl Cinema

55 films




  • Mahoney's Last Stand
  • Role Model: Gene Wilder
  • A Simple Case
  • Mudjackin'
  • Paul Verhoeven: From Holland to Hollywood

Expanding Letterboxd's Library

58 films

Letterboxd's library of titles (culled from TMDB) is extensive, but nowhere near complete. Here is a dynamic list of titles…

  • The Secret Cinema
  • Death Race 2000
  • Hollywood Boulevard
  • Cannonball
  • Mr. Billion

Paul and Mary Forever ❤️

17 films

Paul Bartel. 

Mary Woronov. 

Enough f’n said.

  • Long Road to Gallantry
  • Shaolin Prince
  • Chinatown Kid
  • Ghost Eyes
  • The Golden Lion

Shaw Brothers Roulette

7 films

Back in October 2015, I made a trip to LA's Chinatown with a close friend and we spent the afternoon…

  • Susan Slept Here
  • Blast of Silence
  • All Fall Down
  • Detective Bureau 2-3: Go to Hell, Bastards!
  • Seeds

Snow, Lights, & Holiday Cheer: Incidental Christmas Movies

36 films

You know, those odd and incongruous motion pictures where Christmas is happening somewhere in the background and doesn't necessarily have…

  • Black Moon
  • Cat Chaser
  • The Pursuit of D.B. Cooper
  • Ran
  • The Conformist

D.N.F.: Did Not Finish, or: A List of Abandoned Viewings

15 films

Have you ever attempted to watch a movie and genuinely just couldn't finish the darned thing? I'm not talking about…

  • Funny Games
  • Funny Games
  • Frankenweenie
  • Frankenweenie
  • A Story of Floating Weeds

Double Vision: Remakes by the Original Director

74 films

Movies are remade all the time. Often, the result is unfortunate. Rarely, the result is something fresh and extraordinary. Every…

  • 0s & 1s
  • V/H/S
  • Noah
  • Open Windows
  • Unfriended

Screen Sharing: The Phenomenon of the Computer Screen Movie

9 films

A recent crop of independent and studio films that occur entirely on a computer screen. Sometimes, the gimmick is inspired…

  • Puzzle of a Downfall Child
  • Looking for Mr. Goodbar
  • The Fortune
  • Fortune and Men's Eyes
  • Moment by Moment

Bruce LaBruce's Academy of the Underrated

25 films

Art-porn provocateur Bruce LaBruce writes a monthly column for Talkhouse Film highlighting underrated, forgotten, or otherwise potentially disreputable films for…

  • Throne of Blood
  • I Vitelloni
  • The Spider's Stratagem
  • The Wild Bunch
  • Straw Dogs

Film Reference Guide to Z Channel: A Magnificent Obsession

155 films

In short, every single motion picture featured in Xan Cassavetes' spectacular doc on Z - from start to finish (in…

  • Jason X
  • Silent Hill
  • Ultraviolet
  • Salt
  • Demolition

Easy Targets: In Defense of Three-Star Movies

10 films

Good, but not great - in fact, far from perfect (but not without *any* merit).

This is obviously subjective on…