Edge of Tomorrow ★★★★½

Tom Cruise will probably always receive a hard time.

But with Edge of Tomorrow he may have just won over a whole new group of fans.

I personally think that Tom Cruise is fantastic. I don't really care what he is like as a man, but as an actor his body of work is almost unrivalled. He has made some stinkers and a few poor decisions, but his brilliance is this - after watching, and enjoying, one of his movies, just try and imagine enjoying it again with anybody else in Cruise's place. It's nye on impossible.

Edge of Tomorrow is the latest example. This is an almost perfect example of superior Hollywood fun. A slice of premium Sci-fi.

Doug Liman in directing Hiroshi Sakurazaka's novel All You Need is Kill has used Tom Cruise to maximum potential. He is allowed to smile and excerpt himself fully into the physical challenges that he brilliantly excels at.

This is not Groundhog Day, and it's disrespectful to compare this to that. Edge of Tomorrow is strong enough to stand alone by itself. It's only serious flaw is its final act. Where the initial premise is lost and it ditches its Sci-fi mood for a rather unimaginative and moodily shot conclusion. It's a shame but understandable. It just fails to live up to the excellent first two acts. It would be so easy to make this movies repetivness boring, but it achieves the opposite. With its clever humour and terrific editing you actually look forward to every "reset". It's a story that never runs out of steam. Mainly due to two excellent performances from Cruise and Emily Blunt. But also due to the superb fluidity in Liman's direction, and the excellent writing.

Hopefully this is a movie that will show other film makers that you need far more that big explosions to be a summer blockbuster. Also, there is absolutely no chance of a sequel, prequel, or franchise. And how refreshing is that?!.

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