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  • Death Becomes Her

    Death Becomes Her



    A film that personifies camp and corniness in the most entertaining way. I can always rely on my guy Robert Zemeckis to provide just a really enjoyable light hearted viewing. At the end of the day we don’t need every film to be a masterpiece, we just need something we can happily escape in for a hour or so and in a way that makes this film and others alike to it a masterpiece in its own sense.

  • Naked



    Humanity in the grit. 

    I’ve been wanting to delve into Mike Leigh’s filmography ever since we briefly looked at his approaches at my old college. I saw a few clips from it as well as that in preparation for the movie Mike Leigh made David Thewlis go to a morgue to see a dead body (interesting bit of trivia for you) but other than that I didn’t know what to expect. 

    What I got from this film was an insight…

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  • Ran



    “In a mad world only the mad are sane.”

    My first time rewatching the only Akira Kurosawa film I have seen (Seven Samurai will be watched soon I promise). Considering I rewatched this film purely to make notes and observations for an essay I didn’t think I’d find much enjoyment in it, especially since I was pausing and rewinding it all the time, but the exact opposite effect occurred. I have so much more love and admiration for this film…

  • Tenet



    Be prepared to be hit by some mind-bending shit real fast and for it not to be explained to you because I was not prepared for that Nolan fucking hell. This isn’t a bad thing though; no matter what you hear from people Tenet is an impressive film completely worth seeing and especially on the big screen. James Bond done in the pre-apocalyptic Christopher Nolan way, does sum up what you get with Tenet and it’s incredible how it’s pulled…