Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★½

Ugh. At this point Tarantino is just a hopeless parody of himself. What is the point of this film aside from providing some masturbation material for its director? A good 40% of the movie is spent in those Rick Dalton clips and the gimmick is nowhere near as effective as in Hail Caesar! where at least I greatly enjoyed the movies within the movie. Here they are either childish or plain unmemorable. To make matters worse, these clips are so incredibly intrusive when they cut into the "story" without care or rhythm. In fact, the movie's editing is so baffling, at times annoyingly erratic and at other times so languid. As for the "story", could someone decipher what the purpose was of these interconnecting threads? It could have worked as a melancholy hang out movie with Leo and Brad but then there's that completely out of place reveal about Brad Pitt's character that left a sour taste in my mouth throughout the whole movie and there's of course the Sharon Tate thread which serves what purpose exactly? Even the twist -which admittedly doesn't sound that bad in theory- is so laughingly unearned and totally anticlimactic considering that Margot Robbie has what, two lines in the whole movie? I simply fail to comprehend how people who are not named Quentin Tarantino could find any sense of coherence in this mess of a movie. To end on a positive note, I did find a couple of scenes effective, mainly Leo's interactions with the little girl and Brad's visit to the camp, but the rest was not only utterly pointless, but even worse so, absolutely forgettable.

Yeah, I guess the aforementioned could qualify as a rant.

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