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Fan Edit: Terminator 2 Serious Edition by Tykjen

Much of the comedic elements were removed to match the tone of the first film. The aspect ratio was cropped to 1.85 to match it as well. Edward Furlong's performance is slightly improved from the editing, but I kind of wished his histrionic "goodbye moment" to the Terminator at the end wasn't cut out. Since all his other whiney moments were thankfully removed, his final one with the Terminator would've been acceptable and fitting.

The "30 years later epilogue" with senior Sarah, John the Senator and her granddaughter in a futuristic park in L.A. from the extended edition is here, instead of the dark road narration. Aside from that, Sarah Connor as a doomsday prepper, conspiracy nutjob with a ripped physique stands out better in this version. From the way she raided Dyson's swanky house, this Sarah probably would've stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6th! lol

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