Blade Runner 2049 ★★★★★

All Hail Denis Villeneuve 

Blade Runner 2049 is not only the greatest sci-fi film ever made it’s one of the greatest films full stop.

Denis Villeneuve exploded into cinema this decade with films like Sicario, Arrival & Prisoners, this film is his greatest achievement yet and will surely mark his name down in film history. Denis approaches this film with serious ambition and no fear, it would have been easy to phone in a sequel and make a pretty film with a fun plot within the dystopian setting given to him by the original from 1982, instead he decided to create a film that expands on the ideas of the original and creates an unprecedented sci-fi experience.

Ryan Gosling stars as blade runner K and delivers his greatest performance yet by melding empathy and growth within his characters growing agency to achieve acting excellence. Harrison Ford stars in a smaller role delivering a career best performance also. Although the mirror of characters is clear between the two blade runners the actors themselves share similarities just as there characters do. These similarities is what creates the captivating dynamism achieved on screen. Sylvia Hoeks as Luv is a performance although smaller is hit out of the park as she plays, for me, the best character in the show.

Roger Deakins work here has been praised beyond measure and rightly so, the film is more than beautiful it’s meaningful. Something I will say on it is that by the end of the film the cinematography was the least impressive thing, that’s not to speak badly of it, it’s just goes to speak of the greatness of the rest of it.

Eager not to spoil anything there’s nothing much more to add other than, more movies should be made like this, challenging the us as the viewer will make the film stay longer in the memory than any phenomenal set piece, god bless Denis Villeneuve.