Blade Runner ★★★★½

I’ve done questionable things 

Ridley Scott’s land mark sci-fi film set in a dystopian future scarily similar to our own. High level production, great longevity and it’s ability to provoke thought, make this a special film remarkable for its time and ours. 

1982 saw Blade Runners  theatrical release which was not the true vision of Ridley Scott so as to make sure I watched the very best version of Blade Runner I sought the 2007 Final Cut Edition. Although I won’t go into the differences amongst the different versions what must be said is this films ability to stand the test of time is truly miraculous. Many films have stood the test of time well (Star Wars, Godfather) but Scott seemingly had incredible foresight into how his film would be interpreted differently as time went on. Back in 1982 the film being set in 2019 would be a future almost 40 years away and there would have many many ideas as to what the world would be like then. To be watching this film in 2021 and observing the world we live in as one with huge corporations with heavy political influence it’s interesting to note how my perception of the film would differ from that of someone watching in 1982. Beyond the perception of the films ideas the production of the film its self stands great with only a few minor gripes, the audio can on occasion break into the more radio like sounds due to the mics used at the time and the long winding shots, although impressive 40 years ago, aren’t quite the spectacle they once were. However, the production design in regards to lighting, cinematography and score cannot be complemented enough. The lighting and camera work combines to create a dazzling example or neo-noire filmmaking, often using detective tropes from shows and films aired in the 50s and 60s and applying them to the detective like bounty hunter lead Deckard. Combined with a unique score perfectly used to capture the time it’s attempting to foretell create a significant ambience and hypnotism into the dystopian world of Blade Runner.

An amazing film for its time and a great one for ours too, anybody who likes sci-fi or films that’ll stay long in the memory should without question find something to love in Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner.