Dark Waters ★★★

No longer thirsty 

Dark Waters Is a set on the true events on one lawyers pursuit of the truth around the shady actions of huge companies as they knowingly poison the people of West Virginia in the name of profits.

Immediately this film can be compared to David Fincher’s Zodiac, from it being a true story to the editing used to present time leaps and of course a great performance from Mark Ruffalo who continues to prove he’s one of the best actors working today. I find Zodiac to be a way more compelling and overall better film than this but that doesn’t mean Dark Waters isn’t worth a watch.

Clever editing and strong direction does a great job in telling this story that spans over a debate into the law suits against DuPont. Nothing ever felt confusing even thought the subject matter was mostly chemical, the director used scenes to explain to the viewer in more simple terms what was going on and it never came across as insulting to my Intelligence.

Mark Ruffalo is without question the star of the show, similar to his performance in Spotlight, he delivered a powerful passionate performance and it really made me believe how much this meant to his character. He doesn’t necessarily have scenes of exploding emotion that’s often used to show good acting, it’s a much more subdued performance but still just as powerful, this matched with his work in Fox Catcher, Zodiac & Spotlight really catapults Ruffalo into the upper bracket of actors working today.