Steve Jobs ★★★★½

Aaron Sorkin never fails to amaze me with his writing and 2015’s Steve Jobs is another glittering example of his talents. Working in Tandem with director Danny Boyle and a star studded cast Steve Jobs delivers an all fronts creating my favourite bio-pic to date.

Sorkin’s writing is no secret at this point, he writes very snappy dialogue and often makes very intelligent people come across very intelligently without sending the audience to sleep. The film is written in 3 obvious chunks depicting 3 different stages of Mr Jobs’ life as he launches 3 different products to varying success. This unusual plot structure came as a breath of fresh air to me and even with huge time jumps across the 80’s and 90’s the story never felt like it lacked fluidity or cohesion. Every scene felt like a spectacle of dialogue as characters had a war of words but ultimately you could see the deep found respect these real people had for one another.

The cast is really great here, although Michael Fassbender as Jobs stole the headlines back in 2015 for me it was Jeff Daniels who shon the brightest, one scene in particular after seeing Jobs in 1988 is really powerful and changed the films narrative completely. With a script as good as this it’s imperative the director knows how Sorkin Needed it to be delivered and without question, he did. 

It saddens me to think how badly this film performed at the box office but anyone looking for a bio-pic to watch or just an incredible film full stop, Steve Jobs Is an obvious choice.