Brendan Sousa

Brendan Sousa

Using this to log movies I've seen so far. Favourites change over a long course of time.

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  • Shadows



    Pretty raw look at race relations at the time. The jazzy score fits like a glove. Shadows isn't perfect by any means. The rocky flow to it lost me here and there.

    Overall though it's a solid debut from Cassavetes.

  • Mouchette



    Bleak if not downright miserable.

    Mouchette's but a glimpse into how some can't escape the cruel hand they've been dealt in life, how they're viewed and treated by society around them.

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  • Climax



    Dull and downright revolting.

    For the most of this movie, nothing happens. Just dancing, one dimensional characters talking about sex, sex, sex. Then when things pick up, it all becomes a quick, edgy mess of shock value.

    I hate myself for watching this.

  • Da 5 Bloods

    Da 5 Bloods


    Da 5 Bloods was better than I thought.

    Four Vietnam vets looking for their fallen brother's remains. The close friendships, the action, Blanchard's score all made for quite a good film.

    This may just be Lee's best looking film too.