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Scott Renshaw

Film critic for Salt Lake City Weekly since 2000.

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  • The Weasel's Tale

    The Weasel's Tale


    Juan José Campanella (the Oscar-winning The Secret in Their Eyes) remakes a 1976 Argentinian film with a wonderfully acidic bite. It’s the story of a faded movie star diva, Mara Ordaz (Graciela Borges), living in a remote manor with her wheelchair-bound ex-actor husband Pedro (Luis Brandoni), and her longtime directing and screenwriting collaborators Norberto (Oscar Martínez) and Martín (Marcos Mundstock). Into their lives come Bárbara (Clara Lago) and Francisco (Nicolás Francella), who initially appear to be doting fans but actually…

  • The Reason I Jump

    The Reason I Jump


    The groundbreaking book by then-13-year-old Naoki Higashida—explaining the experience as a mostly non-verbal person with autism, from his own point of view—becomes the jumping-off point for Jerry Rothwell’s documentary portrait of families around the world coping with the unique challenges of having an offspring with autism. Rothwell does attempt to use his visual style and sound design in an attempt to put us inside the heads of people with autism and how they navigate sensory stimuli in such a different…

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  • The Lion King

    The Lion King


    What if this Lion King had come first? It’s an interesting thought experiment, sort of a second-cousin to the idea that drives the current theatrical feature Yesterday: What if we woke up in a world where Disney had never released a hand-drawn animated film called The Lion King in 1994, and this story were appearing now for the first time, in the age of photorealistic CGI recreations of real-world animals? If there’s anything wrong with it—and by extension, with Disney’s…

  • Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension

    Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension


    How was it not insanely over-talked-about that Marvel's The Avengers had pretty much the identical climax as a Disney Channel movie?