"Give one blow job in a prison shower and you never live it down."

From the writers of The Hangover, Flypaper, like its more popular contemporary cousin, is an unapologetically dumb heist comedy.

It wants really badly to be a funny version of Inside Man, but instead it's more like a stupid version of Ocean's Eleven. It's admirable that it doesn't have any interest in being PC, but it also doesn't use that irreverence to get anywhere special, and it's far too purposeless to be able to work with so many fundamentally unlikable characters. It drops race and sexuality cards far too freely, uses the word "retarded" without reservation, and even unironically describes a woman as "pretty rapable."

McDreamy gives a manic, anxious performance that's pretty fun to watch, there are one or two nice looking tracking shots, and the movie does well doling out the right amount of information to keep the mystery suspenseful, but the way it plays fast and loose with continuity of action (characters magically teleport between scenes without any sense of consequence) and the general lack of any emotional depth means that even though there's some ephemeral entertainment to be found among the profanity, the film evaporates immediately after it ends.

This was recommended to me by my best friend in the entire world, and I think he's still trying to get back at me for showing him Berberian Sound Studio back in October (which he hated). Either that or he's trying to test my newfound resolve to watch as many of my friends' recommendations as possible. To be fair to him, though, he did recommend this as a movie to watch while either working or drinking (i.e. as a movie to not really pay close attention to), and I think that's certainly the best way to enjoy it, even if it's also perhaps the *only* way.

2011 Ranked (not the worst movie of the year!)

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