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  • Bastille Day

    Bastille Day


    Film #38 of my 2020 Netflix Originals Initiative.


    Idris Elba is a bad, bad man.
    Y'all better recognize.

    So basically, Heimdall and Robb Stark meet cute and then do some CIA stuff but mostly surrounded by French subtitles.

    Netflix disguises this film as "THE TAKE" but that's only to dumb it down for us stupid Americans who failed World History.

    I enjoyed it... um ...mainly because of the first scene.
    ...and because the French suck.

  • Altered States

    Altered States


    KILL #22 of CINEMONSTER's Hoop-tober 7.0.

    My Evil Master List and other Reviews can be found here:
    Slappy McGee's Hoop-tober 7.0 List.


    This film is why I'm always a bit freaked out when I'm having "tubby time" and have to dip my head (or ears) beneath the water. I go into a desperate state of fear that I will come back up transformed into an extra from the "Planet of the Apes" films.

    Thanks, Ken Russell.

    Hard to believe…

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  • Vanguard


    Jackie Chan, why hast thou forsaken me?

    Man, this movie is absolutely dreadful.
    I mean... really, really, really, REALLY bad.

    I literally laughed out loud in the theater on several occasions.
    (To be clear: not because this movie is funny. It's not).


    There are TWO as far as I'm concerned.
    (1.) The martial arts fight scenes are passable. They are entertaining. For the most part. Not mind-blowing in any way, but enjoyable.
    (2.) The outtakes in the end credits…

  • Walt Disney Treasures: Oswald The Lucky Rabbit

    Walt Disney Treasures: Oswald The Lucky Rabbit


    Film #90 of my 2020 - Clearing Out My DVD Case Initiative.


    A fantastic collection of the cartoons featuring Walt Disney's Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Oswald was the precursor to Mickey Mouse and when Universal took the rights to Oswald away from Walt, he simply said "Fine." He walked away and created Mickey Mouse.

    Nice bounce back.
    Best ever, I would have to say.

    Oswald was returned to the Disney fold eventually and has enjoyed a new life there…

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  • Live and Let Die

    Live and Let Die


    Case File #08 of CJ Probst's Bond-A-Thon
    My full Case File of Bond Reviews


    "I'm sure we'll be able to lick you into shape."

    We get some damn ROGER MOORE up in here!!!
    Such a welcome relief.

    To me... Roger Moore IS James Bond.

    And what a way to start!!!
    One of my most favorite Bond Films!!!

    Let me count the ways:
    (Some slight spoilers... Rough Waters Ahead, Be Advised)

    * Three cool deaths and we are INTO…

  • Possessor



    KILL #48 (Bonus Film 01) of CINEMONSTER's Hoop-tober 7.0.

    My Evil Master List and other Reviews can be found here:
    Slappy McGee's Hoop-tober 7.0 List.


    Okay, so this is the FIRST MOVIE in SEVEN MONTHS that I've actually seen INSIDE A MOVIE THEATER! (I've been to the drive-in movie theater a few times).

    Man, I have missed that feeling. So nice to be back.

    Okay, so it was just me and a couple of (truly horrible) parents and their…