Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★

Such a disappointment.

The LAST 30 MINUTES are fantastic!

The first 30 minutes are some of the poorest stuff that Tarantino has put on film. Just lazy and boring, pointless and needless. Man, Tarantino is in DESPERATE NEED of an editor. He is able to cram an okay 90-minute movie into a 157-minute slogfest.

It's like Tarantino has completely forgotten how to tell a good story with cool characters. This film could have been written and directed by anyone in the film world. It has nothing that resembles a "Tarantino Film" in it. Very disappointing.

Yes, there are some good moments pieced together in there. (Still gets 2 stars from me because of that). Bits and pieces of solid stuff happening. However, it is trying to be an epic and it's just... not.

Yeah, this movie is just like a rough cut of a better film that never got edited any further.

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