The Mosquito Coast

The Mosquito Coast ★★★★

Film #38 of my personal 2016 Harrison Ford Film Festival

At the height of his rising star of fame in the mid-80's, Harrison Ford decided to play the idealistically insane inventor Allie Fox in this ambitious Peter Weir flick. It was a direct left-turn from his previous roles and much like his character Allie... Harrison just didn't give a crap!

Ford is on fire here! He really chomps down hard on the scenery and never lets go. Really strong work here.

I remember this movie fondly from my past and always thought of it as the movie that showed me that Harrison was more than just an a roguish action star. He has real acting chops indeed and this movie puts them in the forefront for all to see.

I didn't remember Helen Mirren being in this movie, but knew the "wife" was a great actress too. Yeah, to say the very least. She is quite awesome as well. Of course, it is bittersweet to see a young and talented River Phoenix doing his thing here. Man, such a great performer.

Well, the movie itself still holds up well. Really enjoyed it again. Especially seeing it again after all of these years and from a different point of view in my life. Really struck a chord with me. I don't disagree TOO much with Allie Fox. Heh.

The movie slows a bit in its final half hour, but other than that, still a hidden treasure of a film from Harrison Ford.