Thunderball ★★★

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"See ya later, irrigator."

Ah, good ol' THUNDERBALL, that drunken party guest that is so adorable while lying there passed out in the party punch. I always enjoy this underwater slow motion slugfest, although it does fall a little short of its three earlier brothers. Something to do with the pacing, I think.

However, it does have one of my alltime favorite Bond Girls in the perfect form of DOMINO. Man, I do love me some Domino. She's pretty great.

And then again... there's the jetpack. So ridiculous... yet... so delightfully early James Bond. Damn, that's mint.

Plus... Blofeld's chair lair containing the room of sharks and Ol' Sparky's. Such a delicious cheesy taste.

And the utterly unnecessary ending of a plane rescue ripping Bond and Domino into the air so powerfully it could've easily killed them both.

Plus... what happened to the guy they threw out of the boat with the life preserver? Ha. Good luck, dude, we're getting yanked into the sky at 200 mph.

All in all, still a very fun Bond adventure.

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