Cruella ★★½

I didn’t hate this movie — Stone is entertaining enough, and the whole London punk vibe felt like a clever retcon of Cruella’s aesthetic. Considering Disney is incapable of showing someone actually breaking bad, I thought they threaded the needle as well as could be expected. Only two things genuinely bothered me:

1) The similarities to JOKER started to get a bit ridiculous (the question of inherited madness, the ending with everyone dressed as the main character, the ironic use of “Smile”)

2) SO MANY NEEDLE DROPS, most of which (while technically in the right ~15 year period) have little to do with the punk scene the film is homaging. I clocked at least 33, or one every 4 minutes. This was particularly grating when the song was very obviously commenting on the action in the film — “Watch The Dog That Bring The Bone” while she follows a dog, “One Way Or Another” as she plots how to get the Baroness, “Sympathy For The Devil” as her new last name appears on screen.