Dazed and Confused

Dazed and Confused ★★★½

This isn't the Linklater I know and love, but I'll take it anyways.

Though I can't say I love this as so many of its cultists do, nor did I really find it overly hilarious (as I've seen it placed in lists on the Top 50 funniest films of all-time), it's still an entertaining and enlightening look into high school culture.

It's unique in how we see how teenagers treat the end of an era (the seniors), as well as how the newcomers (freshmen) approach a new beginning. Even in the original conflict, it all seems to go hand in hand. In turn the atmosphere is just like a high school summer and the characters seem like they stepped into the room with you.

I was also misled thinking that McConaughey was a much more prominent character, and he's in it for maybe 10 minutes - it seemed. So, that's kind of a disappointment.