Possessor ★★★★

If you're on the fence about checking out Possessor, my advice straight up is to just to jump right over. It's a fucking killer plot, there are so many intriguing themes here in Brandon Cronenberg's sophomore feature that you'll be so distracted by the stunning visuals to try and dissect the increasingly complex narrative in front of you. It's a brutal upon brutal watch and that's not a mistake, Cronenberg doesn't want to trivialise violence, he wants it to punish you physically and mentally.

The ideas at play are varied and his articulation of them are tactfully strung together. From identity, privacy, technology, violence, PTSD. Andrea Riseborough and Christopher Abbott (how fucking good is this guy!?) are both at the top of their games here as well as Possessor and Possessee if you will. This is predominantly more science fiction than any thing else. If there's any negative's its more something that you can work into a positive, it's all pretty confusing, learning facts as the characters do can definitely put you in a headpin, but there in lies the rewarding re-watch.

Possessor is easily one of the more visceral film experiences in recent memory, it's cold and incredibly bleak, reminding me of the likes of Panos Cosmatos's Beyond the Black Rainbow and a combination of Peter Stricklands works. Possessor is definitely in the conversation of one of the best genre films of the last few years.

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