Dune ★★★


Epic. Actually, it's the opposite, and that's why I like this so much. While many are saying this is "just the first half" it's a whole lot less than that -- the material covered is little more than an introduction in any novel. I mean, think about it -- a boy from a noble family loses everything by a malicious empire and prepares to save the world because he's "the one"... and that's it! This could easily be covered in 5-10 minutes of narration with some visual overlay, but it's precisely because Villeneuve chooses not to operate in that fashion that this becomes something special. So many have talked about the scale of this, and in terms of visuals and in terms of where this is going it certainly is, but what we have is so, so small. Villeneuve stretches out what would usually be an introduction, making us feel before we can see -- each death is given time to breath when it'd usually be a footnote, characters are fleshed out only to be ripped from our grasp, plans are laid exclusively to be destroyed, flourishes are drawn out to entire sequences, and each minute brings us closer to the people who compose this world. It's immensely counter-intuitive, but it all works exactly as intended. By itself, it is only an introduction, but because of how it's been formed, everything from here on out will matter in a way it wouldn't have if this was structured and paced in any conventional fashion. It's small, but it's so very, very big.

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