Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice ★★★★½

The Not-So-Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie. It occurred to me as I was watching again for the first time in a while that I’m now the same age as Robert Culp’s character, a privileged self-serious sophisticate living comfortably in Los Angeles with his urbane wife and high-toned friends as they acclimate to their Esalen-learned emotional elevation/hoodoo. The New Hollywood classics hit different the older you get. I adore Dyan Cannon in this, it’s amazing to think this is her first big film role and the first thing she did professionally after divorcing Cary Grant (33 years her senior). Mazursky’s balance between unease and enlightenment is so graceful but fearless, I really admire what he was up to at this time—none of the self-flagellating psychological violence that his peers were after. It’s all grounded dramedy, realistic but heightened, sexy but ordinary, full of broken characters gluing themselves back together.