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  • Summer Camp

    Summer Camp


    I decided to watch all of the Chuck Vincent movies that were on Tubi, there was only 4.
    Summer Camp
    Sex Appeal
    Warrior Queen
    Young Nurses In Love
    I think Summer Camp was my favorite, it was bad, the boom mic was almost in every shot, the film looked abused, faded, full of scratches and red spots, but the soundtrack was FUNKY and there was a lot of “real” boobs, no hollowood plastic fake balloons or injections. I’m watching it again right now.

  • Jack Reacher

    Jack Reacher


    This was a good movie, but the title makes me laugh. Every time I see it I think Jack Reach(er) around.🤣
    I just started watching the 2nd one and when I heard them say Major Reacher, I almost died laughing.

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  • A History of Violence

    A History of Violence


    I didn’t realize this was a Cronenberg film when I scored this gem in the bargain bin at Blockbuster back in the day. I get the “feels” every time I watch it.
    Watched it with Cronenberg commentary. It’s a trip how his voice sounds the same every time he speaks.

  • The Birds

    The Birds


    I’ve watched this film many times, but this time I watched it thinking the birds were a metaphor for women (the English used to call women birds back in the day,) low and behold I noticed a few things.
    1. The 4 of the 5 main characters are females, at different times of their life, Cathy = puberty, Melanie = new love, Annie (the teacher) = old love and Lydia = Mother.
    2. The radio announcer at the end says…