Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad ★★★★

I've been pretty hyped up to see this movie for a while and caught a preview screening last night. I thought their advertising and social media game were on point and everything was looking groovy, but then I started reading the reviews that hit the web yesterday and I have no idea what they're talking about! I thought this flick totally killed! I really don't know what they were expecting from a comic book movie about a team of villains being forced to fight the good fight. 

I can kinda see what the reviewers are saying but I just completely disagree. Yea Jared Leto's Joker isn't in the film a lot if you just add up the minutes but his scenes are spaced out throughout the entire film, so it seems like he's there the whole time. 

His Joker isn't game-changing or anything. He's no Heath Ledger, but he takes the mantle and owns it. This version of the joker feels more like a dangerous, unchanged animal. He growls and gets in your face and I can see how uncomfortable everybody is just being in his presence. It's really great. It makes me want to see him and Margot Robbie's dangerously delirious Harley Quinn in a Batman solo film. 

Also, the Bat is totally in this film and carries over his fierce brutality and intensity. More please! 

The rest of the Skwad stands tall too. They complained that characters get pushed to the back and say that it just becomes the Will Smith show. Yea they aren't always front and center but when they are they shine in their craziness. Jai Courtney was wild and totally surprising as a guy actually called Captain Boomerang. Color me impressed. 
This film really had a daunting road ahead of them to try and introduce a bunch of new characters nobody's hardly ever heard of. It was going to be an uphill climb from the get go but I thought they totally pulled it off. The introduction scenes were fun and weird and did the job they were supposed to do, well most of them did. I'm looking at you Killer Croc. 

They harshed on the villain but I thought they just dove right into the magic and mystical and gave them a good setup to be enjoyable enough. There was also just so much weirdness surrounding the villains that when they were on screen, you couldn't look away. 

Now for the bad. The whole 'end of the world' threat is kind of vague and not completely explained. There's a few character story threads that just drop and might have been cut or could show up on deleted scenes. Will Smith is just another Will Smith character here. He's exactly the same guy here that he is in every movie. He's a tough guy. He cracks funny jokes. He's a flirt with the ladies. He can show us some emotion and squirt out some tears if he has to. Same ol same ol. He brought nothing new or interesting to the role, if I'm being honest. Also, the soundtrack is a little distracting at first. I'm not sure what they're going for but just stopping one song and kicking right into a different full song for each character introduction was just...odd. 

No film is perfect and while DC has been stumbling around this movie was definitely a step in the right direction. Marvel has these comic films down to an art and can just print money. DC is still going to have to struggle to get theirs but with Suicide Squad they're showing us that they may be up to the challenge. 

Suicide Squad is loud, brash, and slightly unhinged, but more importantly it's fun. Exactly as it should be.