Batman Forever

Batman Forever ★★★

Although falling short of the pre-established dark tone that was present in the previous and much better installments, Batman Forever is a perfectly functional and light superhero action film that never fails to entertain.

Also this is the first Batman film that really tries to develop the tortured character of Bruce Wayne but the bulk of those exceptionally done scenes were unfortunately cut to lighten the tone of the film and there in lies the film's huge problem is that it feels toned down to appeal to the younger audiences which is completely wrong, the previous Batman film, Batman Returns, wasn't for children and it was all the better for it because it was a mature and violent film that challenged the mind of the viewer with it's excellent antagonists.

Here this just feels like a Saturday morning cartoon, fun but ultimately rather disposable. I'm not trying to say that kids shouldn't be allowed to enjoy Batman, the animated series and 60s television show are very much kid friendly and can be enjoyed by all ages however the films are, or at least Warner Bros. claim, made for the fans and I think if you are going to make a Batman film aim it at adults and don't be scared to be a dark, I think my point is proven by the success of Christopher Nolan's trilogy some years later.

Although it's a very fun and entertaining film with some excellent character moments, Batman Forever is a let down because it feels like a kids film and not the dark adult superhero films that came before which were franchise highlights for me.

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