Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★★★

Marta: Hide the money y’all there’s poor people round 

This was a really fun movie and was probably one of this year’s best. I’m a sucker for these, especially when they have their own little twist, but I think anyone can really get into this engaging game experience. The performances in this were the just beautiful and the range was so large. One second it was drama the next a comedy and then a mystery.

Daniel Craig
and Ana de Armas can absorb my rights; I won’t really be needing them. Ahh they were so great in this and really were at the center. I’m so glad I didn’t sit 2 hours watching them be crowded by the other cast members (as great as they were). This movie really gave time to flesh out and solidify them. They had really good chemistry also Chris Evan was fine in this. I’m not really sure where the he is a bad actor thing came from. Anyways....

One other thing about this are the implications it creates about casting and the portrayal of immigrants. For the first example, Lieutenant Elliot did not have to casted as a black man, it could have been a white man and no one would have said anything. I think what it’s important is that poc of color are now being considered for roles that are not race specific - I see a great future. Another thing which has brought some discussion around this movie is Marta. For some reason, I think some people want the depiction of Marta to show some sort of “real struggle” or violent opposition to societal standards and them manifesting in people she is around. I feel like this is wrong because it does a disservice to people who have everything to loose nothing to gain and because of this are silent and subordinate. I think we believe she is supposed to act aggressive because of the growing stereotype and because we have only been feed beautiful yet confining stories about very powerful immigrants, loudly breaking the chains of their oppressors, as opposed to timid, real people that are literally afraid for their lives and the lives of those they care about. I’m happy she had the opportunity to share a different story (even thought this is literally fiction) that pulls on the strings of different people not just the ultra heroic efforts of a few.

She WAS a classy mf, a fly and intelligent badass and y’all know that. Hopefully I didn’t ramble for nothing and someone can decipher what I just wrote.

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