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  • The Bird with the Crystal Plumage

    The Bird with the Crystal Plumage


    Dario Argento's feature film is about as cool as they come, with stylish music, stylish characters, stylish setting, and a stylish bird. When a young American writer visiting Rome with his girlfriend witnesses a murder, he quickly finds himself the victim of his own horror story. The introductory scene takes place in an art gallery complete with abstract pieces and glass walls. This gallery incidentally foreshadows the beautiful sets soon to unfold as the viewer sinks into Argento's bright-paletted, illusory…

  • Scent of a Woman

    Scent of a Woman


    A sentimental score, a thoughtful message, and a pair of powerful performances shape Scent of a Woman into a memorable, heartfelt experience. As Al Pacino attacks the screen with committed force, Chris O'Donnell provides an appropriate balance of vulnerability, contributing to some of the most emotional moments I have ever witnessed on screen. While these performances were dominant, they always complimented the script, never seeming forced or overbearing.

    "It's a path made of principle that leads to character." Col. Frank…

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  • Wild Strawberries

    Wild Strawberries


    Scavenger Hunt #62 Task 30: I can never get over the feeling of being able to share a film I really enjoy with someone else. Watch a film I have rated 5 stars.

    Ingmar Bergman's Wild Strawberries is a vulnerable character study that elevates a familiar story to greater depths with professional design and concise narrative. Over the course of the 91-minute run time, we are taken on a climactic road trip with the distinguished Dr. Isak Borg and his…

  • Paris, Texas

    Paris, Texas


    Task 10 of the 2020 Scavenger Hunt: (SPOILERS)

    Immersive and heartbreaking, yet transparent and linear, Wim Wenders' Paris Texas is one of the most impressionable experiences I have encountered on screen. A story of love blanketed in classic western influences, this film explores themes of family in an imaginative way that engages more and more with every step that Harry Dean Stanton's character takes out of the desert wilderness and into his lost life. The mysterious noir-like storytelling kept…