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  • The Farm: Angola, USA

    The Farm: Angola, USA

    Watched in Intro to Sociology. Won’t do an official write-up or stress rating because I was only partly paying attention for some of it however this was still pretty impactful. Our system is fucked up, man.

  • Fight Club

    Fight Club


    Intensely captivating and captivatingly intense. Pretty stressful in an edge-of-your-seat way rather than a terrified-or-panicky way, if that makes sense. 
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    Personal Rating: 9
    Like most people (I think), I spent a lot of my time when I was younger watching Top 10 lists about movies rather than any watching, so I’ve had Fight Club’s twist spoiled for me for a while. This is a David Fincher film, though, so thankfully that didn’t really matter.…

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  • Kiki's Delivery Service

    Kiki's Delivery Service


    Though it deals with topics like depression and anxiety, however the warmth and charm of the movie generally keeps this movie being a very comforting watch.
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    Personal Rating: 10
    (Re-typed because I accidentally deleted all of it a few hours ago)

    I cannot imagine myself loving a movie more than I do Kiki’s Delivery Service. I welcome any and all movies to try, however I doubt they could really connect with me…

  • Wildlife



    Shitty parents doing shitty things. Pretty stressful on its own, but I imagine if you can relate to the situation this movie can be devastating. 
    (The Stress Ratings List)

    Personal Rating: 7
    I’m kind of in a shitty mood right now, so I’m trying to factor that into my viewing experience and be as impartial to this movie as possible. The truth is, Paul Dano is a very competent filmmaker and this movie reflects that fully. I…