National Security ★★

Thought I'd stick this on seeing as though it's Buddy Cop Week on Letterboxd, when it's fucking working, that is. And if it wasn't for Martin Lawrence, this would probably have been ok, especially for a Dennis Dugan film.

But no, there he is, confirming his candidacy for the most annoying twat in the history of civilisation by mugging his stupid arse way through the entire fucking movie. I don't know how everyone else on this film could tolerate him tbh. I genuinely think all those dirty looks that Steve Zahn gave him in this were real dirty looks rather than acting ones and I think he would have been well within his rights to have stuck one on him. I didn't think I could like Zahn more than I already do but that would have been a way to improve his standing in my eyes.

It could also lose all the uncomfortable race shit that stinks up this film as well as it sits at the centre of what is supposed to be a fucking comedy like a turd that's been left out in the sun for a few days. Because there were a few bits in this that made me laugh. The bits with the bee are so amazingly random and stupid that I had to laugh at them, although I think that just says more about me than it does about the comedy qualities of this film. The bit with the learner car was good too.

And you do get Bill Duke, Stephen Tobolowsky and Eric Roberts with an inexplicable blonde rinse, so quite clearly not all is lost. But Lawrence, man. We need to stop asking what happened to his career and just be thankful it did happen.

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