The Cameraman's Revenge ★★★★½

On Saturday, The Cameraman’s Revenge will be 100 years old.

Here I am, almost 100 years after its creation, at nearly 1:30 in the morning writing a review of it after watching it on something called YouTube. Things have moved on quite a bit since it was made. Yet this lovely little film doesn't look much like it's a century old. It certainly does not play like it is that old.

A wonderful and wicked sense of humour combined with immense if bizarre invention and eye for detail is something that we still appreciate these days, that's why. Wladyslaw Starewicz has to be considered one of the true pioneers and visionaries of silent and animated cinema on the basis of this alone. Don't read anything about it - just watch it, like me and Tyler did. It's quite wonderful in so many ways.

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