WWE Royal Rumble 2021 ★★★★

Alright so I just finished this about an hour ago and it was pretty good. 

The first match was predictable and dumb, like I don't care for oldberg, he's washed up and trash nowadays, he can't even do a proper jackhammer, I think he's hanging out with his fat son too much instead of going to the gym. I liked seeing drew claymore him in the face two times, well deserved, hopefully that teaches him to not get back in a ring. 

Sasha vs Carmella was decent, the suicide dive was fantastic and the best part of the match personally, predictable result, Sasha retains. 

The woman's royal rumble was next and it was alright I guess, happy my prediction was right, well deserved win by Bianca. 

Then Roman Vs Kevin was very entertaining and great until the end, my man Paul really screwed up, the new ref probably didn't know what to do and he stopped counting, so that part ruined the flow of the match and kinda screwed up the ending for it. I liked when Roman Reigns pushed the ref into the thing and he fell unconscious, it was well deserved as the ref was bossing him around that whole time, you do not say "no Roman no" to my and our tribal chief, he got what was coming to him. 

The men's Royal rumble was very entertaining and was extremely happy that edge won, I was nervous that oldberg would win it or Randy would steal it at the end, but they did not. Overall, it was a good enjoyable PPV besides the first match and the ending of the universal title match.