Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

I was genuinely impressed with how surreal this ended up being. The part where we introduce Jack Sparrow in the afterlife world (or whatever they call it in the film, it doesn't matter) reminded me of a Svankmajer animation with the extreme close up of his nose against a plain white backdrop.

In a way, this isn't as youthful as CotBP, nor as filled with as many expertly crafted action set pieces as DMC, but it's probably the most operatic in scale as so many heads are butting against each other in this film. Jack's competing with Barbossa for his ship, while Will doesn't stick to any friendship that would slow him down in saving his father's soul. The English colonialists literally do a deal with the dead Davy Jones to try and take hold of Jack, only to be taken down with their ship in a fiery red explosion. Gods bringing their wrath down on mortals and love can only bring death. Good stuff.

Also, Marvel should be taking some notes, because to me, this is tied with Resident Evil: The Final Chapter for having the best post-credit sequence in modern blockbuster films.

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