Iron Man ★★★★½

Rewatching Every MCU Movie Leading Up To Infinity War: #1

Still a Top 3 MCU film all these years later, (formerly a Top 2 before Black Panther,) Iron Man is still an endlessly entertaining and well-written superhero movie. Robert Downey Jr. was born for this role, and while he’s excellent in other movies such as Tropic Thunder and Chaplin, I will never not see him as Tony Stark. He’s just that charming.  The film does a good job of diving into a much more deep story than others like it.  While we had movies like Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy which touched on more mature elements of power and identity and the X-Men films which talked about prejudice and certain ideals, Iron Man was the first Marvel movie to take itself seriously and present us with a PTSD-worn billionaire playboy who hides his insecurities and past behind his intelligence and snarky attitude.  The last act comes down to the typical “good guy versus bad version of said good guy” fight, and Jeff Bridges isn’t a necessarily good villain, but Iron Man is still a great comic book movie, and an even better sci-fi movie all the same.