Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter ★½

“The film should come with a warning, because those rapid cuts may give anyone headache. Monster Hunter’s editing has so many cuts that you can see a different cut every second, there is no element of skill in Monster Hunter by Paul WS Anderson, even though he is familiar with movies that are based on video games. There are design, creativity, and special effects but all that is hidden behind Anderson’s directional trademark.”

From the director that brought you endless sequels of the Resident Evil franchise, so Monster Hunter shouldn’t be his first rodeo with movies based on video games. Paul W.S. Anderson was also the director of the first Mortal Kombat movie. The guy’s filmography is full of bad movies that are good enough to watch. Monster Hunter is based on a video game where a group of people is in a land filled with monsters and as the title suggests, they hunt monsters. There are different classes and some of the sequels even have stories. I haven’t played the Capcom series however I know about it. A mysterious storm places Artemis (Milla Jovovich) and her crew of militants in the land of monsters. Unable to cope the crew is killed leaving Artemis to tend to the land with help of a hunter (Tony Jaa). I just can't wait and not talk about the film’s mindless direction. Where not only the action but also the different movie moments are cut into so many different parts. I remember the fight between Artemis and Hunter was over-staying but not because it was long but it was cut into many parts. I hate when directors do that. Why not lay the action flow especially when you have someone like Tony Jaa in the scene, who knows how to fight and sell. The editing takes most out of this average movie making it below average or even mediocre for some. The shaky-cam takes away the action even when a decent CGI monster is in it. The visuals, I have to admit are great. Monsters look terrifying and accurate, the interactions with the human actor aren’t the best but films like Monster Hunter can get a pass on that. I really adored the film’s synthetic score. The rifts that basically feel like coming out of some retro video game sets tone of the film’s curiousness nicely. The score is heavily used in the film as well so that is great. Action scenes come alive and dramatic moments feel tonal. The acting isn’t best but you don’t get into movies like Monster Hunter for acting. Even though the director reunites with Milla Jovovich, the acting is pretty standard. The characters are wooden pieces, there is no development nor arcs. The generic characters would work in a video game but not in a 100-minute movie. Overall, there is no redemption for any Monster Hunter fan. The desert location and monster designs have little to no fan service. Some scenes are great but with cuts, every second it's hard to like it. Paul WS Anderson’s trademarks are pretty evident in Monster Hunter from choppy editing, slow-mo, quick cuts, and B-movie level dialogues.

Special effects. Score

Direction. Editing. Screenplay. No character development.