The Mitchells vs. The Machines

The Mitchells vs. The Machines ★★★

“The animated feature from Sony Pictures Animation and Netflix is a solid film that never veers off its lively and vibrant animation however Mitchells vs the Machines is not a perfect film, its engagement with its characters and voice talents but it gets really dull and uninteresting because of its seen-it-before formula.”

The Mitchells family road trip is halted by robot apocalypse making them the last of mankind and the last hope for mankind. Sony partners with Netflix for the first time to conjure up an animated movie. Mitchells Vs The Machines feel like in the same alley as their blockbuster Spiderman Into The SpiderVerse well not the writing and direction but the animation. Sony is able to open up a new category with this sketchy, comic book art-style animation. It's very vibrant, happening, and stunning. I would not say that both movies are similar in their technicality as Mitchells vs the Machines feels like leftover animation work from the Spiderman Into the Spider-Verse. What makes the film a funny and entertaining one is its incredible cast and characters. Danny McBride, Maya Rudolph, and Abbi Jacobson who play father, mother, and daughter respectively are amazing and funny. The comedic aspect of the movie is enjoyable and well balanced with the emotional subplot however, many plot points seem forced and the logic is behind some characters' actions is nonexistent. My expectations in the story arc were low from the beginning, but certain parts of it seemed so nonsensical to me that I could not fully enjoy it anymore. Since the overall tone is rather goofy, this does not matter as much as it would with a different kind of movie. This has a great fast-paced, pop-culture vibe that makes this very easy to watch and funny most importantly. you can tell exactly what's going to happen and the story is very played out with a dreadfully plain villain. The premise of this film is also quite cheesy but to each its own. While the animation is the highlight of the film. The story doesn’t really shine or aid the film. Overall, Visually stunning, amazing animation with a couple of light-hearted moments but on the whole, not so effective nor engaging enough to rate it high. I may be wrong but Mitchells vs the Machine may have amazed everyone else for me it was just another formulaic family animated film with no creativity in its writing department.

Comic book-like animation. Humor.

Plot. Writing. Direction.

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