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  • The Devil and Daniel Johnston

    The Devil and Daniel Johnston


    “I love you Danny.” 

    I’ve fallen down the Daniel Johnston rabbit hole and I’m not coming back. Literally one of the most complex/interesting and tragically poetic human beings to ever exist. What a gift we didn’t deserve.

  • Babyteeth



    “It didn’t feel like a love story that day.” 

    The beauty of dysfunction, unspoken traumas, rebellious behaviors... I truly never wanted this movie to end. This one is special, I don’t care what anyone says.. this movie is special. Whew.

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  • 13th



    THIS is what they should be showing you in US history in high school. Watch this. Then tell everyone you know to watch this. 

    “People say all the time, ‘well, I don’t understand how people could have tolerated slavery?’ ‘How could they have made peace with that?’ ‘How could people have gone to a lynching and participated in that?’ ‘That’s so crazy, if I was living at that time I would never have tolerated anything like that.’ And the truth is we are living in this time, and we are tolerating it.”

  • Pretend It's a City

    Pretend It's a City


    Fran Lebowitz: Yeah I was there at the last supper my friend was in with Jesus but I’m not that big into religion 

    *cue martin scorsese laugh track*