Dune ★★★★

„Dune“ was a fantastic cinematic experience! It captivated me from beginning to end. The music by Hans Zimmer is a big highlight, too, so be sure to watch it in a good theater. 

The film is very different to your typical Hollywood blockbuster experience. Which is refreshing and fascinating to watch. 
But therein lie some problems, too. While the movie takes its time to introduce you into its world and characters it sometimes lacks the suspense, excitement and emotionality you would expect from big fantasy epic journey like this. 

There was some weird jumping around and editing of scenes and the feeling of where people are and the distance of certain points where characters currently are. Also don‘t expect any good action in this film, as it seemed it was not important to the director at all. 

„Dune“ has its own visual and storytelling style which felt like an antithesis to the way Hollywood films usually function. For me it was great experience. But I think this is not a movie for everyone. Many general audiences who like to watch films like Lord of the Rings or Marvel films might have a tough time watching it. Which is not a bad thing per se as Dune is just a more unique experience. But it would be a shame if it doesn‘t get a sequel as this films just ends after basically just 2,5 hours of exposition.

Whew that sounded more critical than it actually was.

I definately recommend it!

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