Greener Grass

Greener Grass ★★½

Greener Grass plays like one of those wacky and surreal shorts on Adult Swim, but not as good nor as funny. I would classify Greener Grass as a little less than a decent satire on suburbia and gentrification. Only ‘a little less than decent’ because the first hour is not fully committed to itself or the ideas it brings up and acts to be the most absurd film out there while simultaneously trying to pass itself off as a satire; it just doesn’t work. Instead, it feels like a string of incoherent and bad SNL sketches. It’s a shame because the last thirty minutes is legit fantastic, with sparingly better execution and sensibility of its ideas and themes. But, that first hour is honestly not good and honestly quite boring. Enjoyed the very unhinged performances though, and I think it visually nails the look and feel it's going for. A light meh on this one.

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