Boys State ★★★

This was certainly quite the culture shock for me, and kinda strange too. I've never really been this invested in politics so it was really interesting to see how this went. There were a ton of awkward and cringe moments throughout this doc, which is to be expected when over 1000 teenage boys gather together to share their opinions about abortion, gun rights, impeachment, aliens. The doc is certainly well made, but there was something missing from this. The directors stay out of this documentary, and instead just follow what is going on. I wish there may have been a bit more personality outside of the 4 we followed. They were interesting figures to follow, but I feel like there was something missing, a critique of sorts. Or maybe that's just how use I am to documentaries being critiques on the subject. Maybe in a couple months I'll see this documentary in a new light and appreciate it more, but for now, I am feeling slightly mixed.

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