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  • Juliet, Naked

    Juliet, Naked


    “we never value things that come easily.”

    no offence but azhy robertson (the kid) carried this entire movie with his adorableness. literally the cutest kid i ever did see!!! and i also just realised that he’s the exact same kid from marriage story.... wild.

    in all seriousness, this was such an interesting, warm-hearted and perfectly casted film. seeing chris o’dowd, ethan hawke and rose byrne in the same room together was a moment most pleasing to me in my film enthusiast career. surprised i didn’t watch this sooner but so glad i’ve seen it now. definitely a new favourite. 🥰




    took me a second watch to realise that the dialogue is predominantly made up of famous catchphrases that were probably used in a lot of old films. that’s some genius shit right there.

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  • Pretty in Pink

    Pretty in Pink


    that scene where the lovable duckie dale slides into the record store and dances/lip syncs to try a little tenderness by otis redding will forever be one of the most iconic moments in cinematic history and that’s just a fact!

  • I Know Jake Gyllenhaal Is Going to Fuck My Girlfriend

    I Know Jake Gyllenhaal Is Going to Fuck My Girlfriend


    the holy trinity of google searches:

    gellenhall girlfriend 
    jillinhal girlfriend
    where is jake gyllenhaal right now