Before Sunset ★★★★★

“baby, you are gonna miss that plane.” 
“i know...”

once again, i am in complete awe. the love that jesse and celine have for each other, even after nine years apart, is still so pure and the way linklater captures it is simply magical and incredibly enchanting. it didn’t even feel like i was watching a film half the time. watching these two reconnect in the most sincere way felt like an otherworldly experience and i genuinely loved every second of it.

some notes that i wanted to add: 

• when celine was on the boat explaining how she’s detail oriented, yeah i felt that. 
• i literally got chills when she said “you have to think that notre dame will be gone one day” :((
• the waltz song scene.... first of all, julie delpy is such a multi-talent and i love her and second of all, that whole bit reminded me of when noora serenaded william in skam <33
• also, fun fact: my mum is a sagittarius like celine and my dad is a scorpio like jesse !!

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