Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★

“in this town, it can all change...like that!”

fantastic, funny and filled with an unnecessary amount of bare feet. seriously, by the second or third shot of someone’s feet i was like.... we get it quentin.... you have a foot fetish.... relax.

anyway, this was my first tarantino film and it definitely did not disappoint. first of all, the cast was absolutely everything and i did not expect to see so many familiar faces outside of the main cast. maya hawke & austin butler were the ones i was most surprised by. the main trio: pitt, dicaprio & robbie were all brilliant and brought so much charisma to their respective roles, but by the end, pitt stole the show for me. al pacino was also great and i literally (but silently) applauded every time he came on screen. 

the last half of the film was better and the ending was quite underwhelming in my opinion, but i still very much enjoyed it and will probably give it a rewatch in the future. 📽✨

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